Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Very interesting post on Tripwire

Very interesting video on a post on Tripwire about Open Source tools that could be used for a variety of things and ways.

This is the link to the Tripwire post - - > LINK

My take away from this is that it's a bit scary the amount of data an individual can gather on someone they don't even know using various methods from search engines to using tools such as the ones mentioned in this video. I can't help but to let my mind wonder into the social engineering concept use of these tools.

Update: I haven't posted in FOREVER. It's partially due to me being lazy, losing interest, life and work. My job is having me relocate which is cool and makes you feel somewhat important. The relocation was and wasn't mandatory. For better opportunity for me to learn more and expand in my carrer and for better company growth I had to move. Hope this move is the right move for me to grow withing the AntHill.

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