Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Scrap and rebuild

All the time I spent on building my home lab was been scrapped.  With new plans in mind I've scrapped my linux environment in trade for a Windows environment.  It really saddens me to do so but with new goals in sight I have to realign my future and calibrate my focus.  I've picked up a third server a Dell PowerEdge805(IIRC) which will be my VMWare ESXi box to host all of my client\victim VMs.  My PowerEdge 2950 got a RAM upgrade to 32Gbs(Yum) and is my DC, DHCP, DNS and everything and anything else I want to throw at it running eval version of Windows Server 2012 Standard.  My tiny PowerEdge(somethings I can't remember) will continue to be my WebGoat box.

My home lab domain will continue to be Nerv.corp.  I'm not going to explain myself and Gainax is reading this um... What can I say, I'm a big fan.

Progress so far has been:

Installed ESXi on Melchior, but haven't configured
Installed Windows Server 2012 on Balthasar
     Working on Active Directory structure and how I want to organize everything.
     DHCP working... kinda.  - It's successfully assigning IPs so its good enough.
     DNS... role installed but I have to fiddle with this some more. I have never had to do anything with DNS.

Hope to get some VMs on Melchior soon and my old Webgoat box(Casper) is going to remain a linux box but I do plan on wipping it and reinstalling webgoat mainly so I can document the webgoat install on linux.  I know I made some posts here with the trouble I had with the install but now I want  a better install document on it for future reference.

Yes my servers are named after the MAGI Super Computers.

New blog layout is to make it easier to read.  Sometimes I was having a hard time with the small white font on black background.

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