Monday, March 11, 2013

Home test lab setup progress

Last week I started setting up my test lab for me to play around and learn things on my own.

So far I've setup one of my servers, its a Dell 2950,

600Gbs of HDDs between all 5 drives, cool
4Gbs of RAM, Sad! I know

Installed CentOS 6.3, I know 6.4 just came out but I'm going to let that settle first. Let everyone get their bugs out then I'll update to it. In the mean time I'll rock 6.3

Other than the OS I installed VirtualBox, but when came time to transfer my OS ios's I ran into a problem. My only linux experience is with Ubuntu so I'm used to NTFS support being installed by default. Nuh-uh, not in CentOS. So I had to fight with getting EPEL installed. Having never dealt with rpm instead of my ususal apt-get. After googling I found someones post which helped me add the EPEL but they had a bad/wrong mirror address so they won't get mentioned. To install EPEL I did

Rpm -Uvh

Follow the prompt/s allow it to install

Now for the ntfs support

Yum install ntfs-3g

External drive still gave me a little problem but I got it to work. I would post what the problem was but I closed the terminal window.

I got some RAM upgrade from work. Will bump my RAM from 4 Gbs to 16Gbs. Whoot whoot, ahem ok enough of that lol

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