Monday, March 18, 2013

Media Server Headaches Ep.2?

Now the Media Server is giving me more and more NTFS problems.  I need to change the permission on it to allow owner full access which I don't need to change it, but I need to change the group and others permission and regardless of how I mount it or change permission or ownership or group ownership it will NOT allow me access.  So, I'm done

Mounted my new external 3Tb drive.  

Copied a whole folder from old 1Tb drive into new 3Tb drive as an initial test and I have ownership and full permission.  

It's so refreshing and out of my permission claustrophobia sorta say lol

I'll leave it copying the 400Gbs of data from the 1Tb drive to the 3Tb drive.  Tomorrow or the next day I will move just the media files I want the Media Server to have back onto the 1Tb drive which I will make sure that I have full permission even if I must blow away the partition and setup new partition on it.  This is once all my precious and sentimental data is safely stored away in the new 3Tb drive.


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